Air pressure for flatland 540&720spin

This is the my first posting. I am sorry for my English is bad.
I am a Japanese Flatland rider.

I want to know air pressure when I do flatland tricks.(especially spin).
I think it to be different by the person. But I just want to know some hint.
Because in JPN, there are a lot of good freestyle and track race rider.
But no one does flat. No one can 540 spin and over double flip.
I always have to practice by myself. My teacher is youtube:)
Please give me a hint about air pressure.

And one more question.
When I do 5spin and 7spin. Should I do pre hop hard or soft?

Are you by chance this guy:

If so, I love your style. :smiley:

To answer your question I really like low pressure, spins feel way easier that way. Not sure on the prehop question as I can only 3 spin, but I think a hard prehop would get the most spin and then if you can do them like that work down until you can do them rolling. Hope I helped.

wow that video was so good!!

I say try riding with a hard and soft tire, and doing hard and soft prehops… I know some people spin with a really soft tire, but i can 720 and almost 900 with my tire at 40psi

Don’t be afraid to try stuff out! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the video, it was great!

i like the wheelwalk at 2:19. i thought about trying it before, but i didnt know anyone had done it before. i guess it is possible

Yes,The movie of the YOUTUBE is me:)
Thank you for your advice. I think I should practice rolling unispin. After I injured, I really scary to do try 5spin.

Thank you for your advice.
40psi!? I thought lower. I need to change. After I injured, I really scary to do try unispin.

Realy cool video! Nicely edited! Sorry I don’t have any advice as I don’t do street/flat :smiley:

You are one of my favorite riders dude, I love your style. :smiley: Make more videos!

It’s called a ‘baywalk’ :slight_smile:

i highly enjoyed that video too!! your flat skills are awesome! i want them! i’d love to be able to do all those roll combos you can. :smiley: