Air New Zealand checked luggage

Hmm, so from some research it looks like Air New Zealand doesn’t charge anything extra for shipping a bicycle (flying from the US). You can check 2 items, with a combined weight less than 100 lbs.

This is pretty awesome news. The problem then comes in when you try to fly from a destination to a city where Air NZ takes off from. So, flying a connecting flight to LA or San Fran would cost 175 dollars or something ridiculous for flying a “bicycle” or oversized item.

Either way, I wanted to share the somewhat good news. I would want to travel with my geared 36 and my touring bicycle, and I don’t think Air NZ would charge anything extra to check both of those items and have a small carry on item.

Maybe I’ll road trip it across the States and forget connecting flights to avoid the ridiculous prices for checking a bicycle or oversized item.

If you’re going to NZ for any length of time, 2nd hand bikes are pretty easy to buy. I am not convinced they’d let you check 2 bikes if there’s only one of you.

Air NZ are dead easy to take one bike / unicycle on though - much easier than most airlines.


Even on a geared 36, it’ll take you ages to ride across the states, particularly if you’re trying to carry a bike with you too! :smiley:


I’m sure it would be fine. One bike and one bike accessories/spare wheel (aka unicycle).

I’ll check out trademe (from ken’s recomendation), but it would be more awesome having my surly there.

Hah, nah, I am used to riding with an extra 50 pounds of gear on my geared 36. I am training for unicon by riding my geared 36 with 50 lbs dragging behind me while riding with 89mm cranks in high gear. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for posting that James. I wasn’t sure about international flights, but it’s variable between airlines.

Here is some info on domestic luggage on Air NZ:

what did we tell you about doing that to small children!