Air cushioned seat


I did it. Today 13:00 I have an aircushioned seat. Yesterday, I tore of the
cover, cut some foam out of the seat, drilled a hole in the rear part of the
plate and put a 20" tube inside. It’s folded two times so that 4 strings go from
front to rear side. At the rear side I laid in a kind of ellipse (?) to have a
larger area. Refixing the cover was quite complicated, because the tube is a
little bit larger than the foam (at some points). Well, today the glue had dried
and I already rode about 10km. It’s wonderful. Feels like a water-bed. Minor
shocks from the road are just supressed by the seat. I think this is a very
powerful suspension system. I don’t care about seat-post suspension anymore. The
only thing is, that I fear, the cover might pop sometime and reveal the tube,
since refixing of the cover really was hard. Therefore I will carry a second
seat with me for some days/weeks. Furthermore I have to adjust pressure. I think
it’s still a little bit too less. It’s really very comfortable, but I’m bouncing
a little bit on it.
>From the astethic point of view, there might be a better way to do it.
It’s shape got a little bit strange, due to the tube, not having really the same
shape like the foam, but it’s really only a little bit. Most friends I already
showed it didn’t see it in the first ten seconds.

Back to riding …


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