air chair

Okay, I did it. I just bought an old Schwinn 24" a couple days ago from a guy I
know. And it had some weird seat (not original Schwinn) on it that was fat in
front and in the back. Drilled the hole for the 20" bicycle tube like everybody
said. Took the metal seat guards and the nogahide cover off the seat. And while
I was at it I figured I might as well get rid of the fat front end of a seat, so
I took my rubber mallet and vice grips and stuff to it, and bent the fat sides
under to make it skinnier. Put the seat cover back on with the tube inside
instead of the foam, and that seat is a LOT nicer. Doesn’t make a very good
handle to grab in front since I kind of mashed it, but it’s cushy and doesn’t
rub the sides of my legs like crazy. As soon as my wife gets home I gotta’ show
her, too. Cool. Thanks for your help, everybody.

Chris Rexburg, Idaho

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