Aidan Teleki - September 2011

Hey everyone! Hope you enjoy it!


nice vid, the hop at 1:05 looked really high

Great video! Awesome trials as usual, and it was nice to see some street too! I liked the trick at 1:43!

Thanks guys! Much appreciated! :smiley:

Top Video!! loved the opening big hop. looked awesome. You got some real good trial spots to ride, very lucky. Plus, i found a new song I hadn’t really heard before, so thanks for sharing what music you listen too :wink:

Yeaaaah, Aidan, love it! Big hops, nice lines, well-edited. Couldn’t ask for much more.

Thanks eli! haha dd you see your face half way through? xD

Yes man, love it so much!
Line at 2:59 looked awesome, and your riding is realy clean!:slight_smile:
That’s nice to look at.

Thank you so much!!! :DDDDDD

0:36 and 1:12, Aidan wtf? :smiley: That can’t be you.

Sick trials and sick video <3

Thanks max it means a lot dude! <3