Aidan Teleki and Eli Brill

Hey guys! Yesterday Eli and I had an awesome session in Lewisburg, PA and just a few hours afterwards Eli had the video done :smiley: Hope you like it and please enjoy!

Really good for a day edit.

That was amazing! It was cool to see see the two of you in one video! That pedal grab was huge, and the blind seventhflip was really clean! The editing was great too, I liked what you did at the end of video.

Can Eli do Sejflips both ways? Other wise it’s not really blind. My small/big/huge/etc are all my blind twisting directions but I don’t call them blind. My varialflip, full varialflip are my blind unispin but also, those aren’t blind. If he can do them both ways that’s sick.

yes he can do them both ways :wink:

Yeah Shaun, Eli’s blind skills are gonna blow you away.

I started practicing blind a lot last June when Will was in PA. Now I’m like even with spinning, although I can’t quite get a blind 10…

Also, AIDAN!! Your getting real smooth, gonna start looking like Fabian soon

haha thanks man! but unfortunately i dont think anyone can look as smooth as him :frowning:

Never say never (I know you didn’t but yeah haha).

Theres millions of things I thought I’d never be able to do. And millions of riders I thought I’d never be as good as, let alone better. So just yeah :smiley:

It’s good to hear that some new riders just go from the beginning practicing both ways. Maybe soon it’ll be that way with switch. If you just start both from the beginning you really won’t be partial any way. Then perhaps switch will get popular.

siick sick sick guys. :slight_smile: would love to see what you come up with over a whole weekend, or a week. super smooth edit filming and riding :slight_smile: keep up the good work!

  • about switch - it would be awesome for someone to be as good in switch as they were normal, that way run ups wouldnt matter as much, just go from wherever feels the right distance from an obstacle when you are coming up to it whether it be left foot forwards or right. would allow alot more flow in street riding.

Will Riley is pretty good at switch. Also, Sam Haber comes to mind as far as switch goes.

I can do some roll tricks switch, but that’s different than flips.

Thanks for the comments everyone :slight_smile:

I find switch very useful for learning flip tricks. If you are somewhat comfortable with it you can land flips with half of a flip instead of a full flip, which then makes it easier to go for the full flip. It’s also a fun challenge!