Aidan Teleki - 2013

Here is my Spring video for this year! I’ve been working hard on both riding and editing and I hope visible to see the improvement, since last year video! Enjoy everyone and please comment, like, and share with everyone! :slight_smile:

Nice work Aidan, that was soooooo good! I think it was your best edit yet.

Thank you very much! That is what I was aiming for :slight_smile:

It was really nice to watch. Good job and impressive riding as always.

I would actually have loved to see more riding clips :stuck_out_tongue: the riding was really impressive! :slight_smile: and I like the editing and filming a lot! awesome vid :slight_smile:

Thanks really appreciate it! Just wasn’t able to film all the clips into this edit since it’s not really a edit about my best riding, but my next video should have more riding clips :slight_smile:

Your videos are always awesome, love your style!

Thank you very much I appreciate it! :slight_smile: