Aidan and Budapest 2

Hey everyone! I was supposed to make this video with a kid who goes to my school and rider bmx, but he didn’t have anytime to film with me and my clips kept building up and up so I decided to make this video :slight_smile: Hope you like it and I think I’m going to slow down on the videos now xD

:smiley: I just love pure trialvids :smiley:
nice rail followed by parkbench ,skinnie and gap while couple passed by!!!

nice vid :slight_smile:
good trial lines!
For KH= sponsorship request? :roll_eyes:

Sick! All I can say! : O

Great scenery and great skillz!!! Love the video and the music was great too…Who was that?

dirty fish eye and moving black corners kills all…

Thank you so much!

Thanks Tim! and yes Kris and I have been talking for a while now but since Benny lives in Budapest already I’m not sure if I will get it :frowning:

hah much appreciated!

Wow thanks!!! the song was Lights-Ellie Goulding-Bassnectar Remix HD

Thanks for the negativity! Look bobousse the dirt on the fisheye during one line just looked kinda cool i thought and plus when it auto focuses you can’t even see it!? And sorry for not investing in a better fisheye :confused:

You’re trials riding is awesome! It’s really cool to see you incorporating some street into your lines as well!

Grinds were sick! (what can I say, I love street :P) But really your trials overall has gotten so good, there were some insane lines in there. I definitely think you could get a KH sponsorship, good luck!

Thank you I felt that I needed to do something a little different cause doing just pure trials was getting a little boring :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you I just got some plastic pedals so I hope I can do some rail grinds soon (if i have the powa :D) And I also have been working quite hard on my trials so thank you Julia!!!

I thought it was intentional. I thought it was neat w/ the before/after since the main part of the line was w/ the dirt “removed” :sunglasses:

Well actually that dirt is so tiny that it’s practically impossible to see without a magnifying glass xD I only saw it after it was filmed and I thought it was cool as well and plus, I really couldn’t have done that gap twice :o

I don’t mind the black edges of the fisheye, but you could try to turn off the stabiliser on your camera, then they (hopefully) won’t move anymore.
Nice vid btw :smiley:

Awesome! Riding was really cool, All the big hops, the rolling SIF hops were just awesome. Can’t wait to see you at UNICON! :smiley:

P.S.: Our uni will match if you dont change your rim, I’m getting a purple Echo rim soon :slight_smile:

I did turn the stabiiser off once and then the quality became much more poor. Thankfully I found a old wide angle and the black edges aren’t nearly as large and the picture is bigger so I’ll use that from now on! Thank you!!

Haha Thanks! The rim farely new so I hope it lasts till unicon but I’m not sure :stuck_out_tongue: