If theres one thing that annoys me most is the site on unicycle.com that says:


Custom build the perfect Uni online.


Who here shares my pain??

I want to build my custom uni!!!

I even emailed them in about August, asking them about it, and they told me they already missed their initial deadline! I think that might mean it’s never going to come out!


I couldn’t agree more
that’s very frustrating. If you live in canada, i’d strongly suggest avoiding all these unicycle.com woes and order from Darren Bedord. My friends and i have always gotten the right stuff, and FAST! it’s great.

Read this forum and buy some tools. You will get exactly what you want and learn some things too. Almost any uni on unicycle.com you could build from parts in their hardware section, aside from their limited frame selection. You could design and build your own frame. Lots of people in this forum do that. I think everyone who tries and succeeds has a good time. Everyone that tries and fails… has a good time.

I think the reason that they have taken so long is because if you think about it they have to program everything that works together and everything that doesn’t. because a Gazz tire wont fit on a torker frame and 48 spoke rims need 48 spokes so u cant have a 36 spoke hub. and everything else you can think of too. they just got a little in over their head is all.


What are you expecting this Oracle of unicycle building to actually do? You know what bits a unicycle is made up of; a little bit of reading, searching or asking here will tell which bits fit together and which don’t. Go to the site armed with a piece of paper, a pen and a calculator and do it yourself.


If I had a nickel for every time I fell on a unicycle, I’d have 0 cents

Me too. However, falling OFF of a unicycle, I’d be riding downtown with a sign that read ‘Will uni for food’


does darren bedford do custom orders to??