Ahhhh...I finally took the plunge

No, not Creakfiles…An Alex 24" Rim. That may not seem so signifigant, but it’s gonna do me well

My skinny 26" rim is too skinny, so the tire folds over on big hops.

I think I’ll do up my 26" with some mega short cranks…just because.

This will put my univintory up to 4

Monty Trials
24x2.6 Bedford MUni
26" somthing…road tire and 90mm cranks?

Coming soon: Ultimate Wheel

well, this new rim makes my current seat seem extra crappy…

I just ordered a yellow velo seat :slight_smile:

Damn internet! ooh, i want that! [click] and maybe that [click] that looks good [click] can I afford that? [click] Hi Visa, it’s me again [click]

damn new wheel and seat. I’ve been awake since 3:30 and can’t get them out of my mind :angry:

This may result in some skipped classes today

Anyone else haunted with forthcoming purchases?

Congrats on the new set up, sounds sweet.

I, to, have been haunted by things that are “in the mail.” I just ordered Universe…nuff said.

When will teleportation be invented? Come on, Harper, if you can make the blue shift, you can surely make a simple uni teleportation relay and inventory system.

UTRIS, I can see it now…mmmm, UTRIS…

well, I put a hold on the wheel. why?

I’m waiting for Darren’s shipment of yellow wheels to come in (end Feb)…it’s gonna go perfectly with my yellow velo.

Great…I thought I couldn’t sleep LAST night :angry:

I don’t actually ‘need’ it right now, as I still have my 20", 26", and 36" but I’m still anxious :slight_smile:

Wow! I orderd my Velo seat on the 20th, and it came today! (the 24th) to Canada.

Unfortunately, I missed the UPS amn, so my seat will have to wait until monday.

Perhaps I’ll just do homework this weekend :roll_eyes:

Stop it, man, you’re making me want to buy things I can’t afford and don’t have room for!



Phil, listen to me carefully.

Not only can you fit [insert desired object] in your available space, but man, what a bargain!


Yellow wheels???

Like yellow Alex DX rim’s? Yellow Hub? is unicycle.com doing it or is alex shipping them that way to them. And Powdercoated yellow??

A Yellow rim would look sweet with a black frame and yellow KH seat. Thank god he went for good colors and not sea foam green.

Darren Bedford is powder coating his rims, hubs, and frames :slight_smile:

I’m gonna have the coolest lookin uni in town!

Search the archives for bedford+powdercoating

his coloured shipment (other than frames) will be in ‘at the end of feb’