Ahhh, the Coker!

This is cool.

I had taken a picture of my Coker next to my bike (see attached photo)

although it sure ‘looks’ bigger, I never realized how much bigger until I rode it the other day. I was riding next to Mrs Sofa (who is still trying…she can’t free mount, but has gooten several rotations from a wall mount :slight_smile: )

I was able to Coker beside her (on her Trek 6000 WSD), and rest my elbow on the top of her helmet!

Ahhhh, the Coker! (order one…Now!)

She was shocked at how easily I made it look (based on the minimal effort put into riding it once it reaches ‘riding speed’) as she peddled her bIKe behind me.

Obviously bikes could kick Cokey’s butt in a ‘real’ race, but I was able to blow her away in a ‘let’s race…GO!’ situation. (on the pavement…for a short distance (.5K or so)

I will post a picture of the ‘elbow on helmet’ next ride out :slight_smile:

fsr coker.jpg

that’s the first full susser I’ve seen with a clown horn

owning your first uni really changes your outlook on what looks good!

sticker upgrade since that last picture.

is this taboo?


If you want to see ‘taboo’ places to glue Bedford unicycle stickers/tattoos then go here:


Klaas Bil