i just realised that pm was private message… sorry joe! :slight_smile:
for joe and anyone else who wants to find me at buc, iv got long hair and a beard, a unicycle tattoo on my shoulder (and lots of other tats and piercings) i ride a summit, generally off high things and ill have various cameras with me…

just thought i’d help out here is a picture of North at the Tamar bridge ride he’s the cool dude out in front with the summit and sunglasses:



north copyy.jpg

that, miss potatoe (or can i call you tree?) is a stroke of genius…
can i just point out, my t-shirt sez “street”… and my trousers really wernt as tight as they look there!

feel free! (rhymes too a poetic in the making you see before you)

nice arrow’s but who’s the dead body in the middle of the road?

Ah! Cool!

I will know who you are now, North. Thanks for that Tree! :stuck_out_tongue:

Jag, I believe that is a photographer! :smiley: lol


Those must be British sunglasses

Hey I made a funny!

Read and ye shall learn…