Ah, *that's* how you do rolling hops!

It’s a lot easier jumping onto something rather than just jumping on a flat surface. With nothing to jump over it’s measured in inches; with a ledge to jump up it can just be measured in feet! (well, foot…)


Now I’m going to (a) find a slightly higher ledge and (b) worry about what the horrible scrunching noise was. (You can’t miss it…)

Phil, just me

Nice going Phil! Looking good.

Did you find the pre-hop forward before the vertical hop to be a help? Should I try incorporating that as a learning aid? It seems like that might help with the timing issue of arriving at the take off point just when the pedals are properly positioned.

Thanks for the video – Next time say something so we can hear your accent! Maybe say “whinge” for all of us?


I’m not entirely sure, actually, that just kindof “happened”. I think it probably reduces the height you can get up to but I did find it quite a handy way to avoid crashing into the ledge! :slight_smile: I don’t do it most of the time, but it is handy when your cranks are in the right place to jump but you’re not quite where you want to be yet.

If I keep making videos of me unicycling the most frequent speech may well be “AARGH!”… can that have an accent? :slight_smile:

Phil, just me


I’ve downloaded your video but when I try to play it I get sound but I can’t see anything. It just has a black screen. Do you know what’s going on?


You need the latest DivX codec.
The free basic version is all you need to be able to play the video. No need to subject yourself to the adware Pro version.

Thanks John

Alright, I got DivX and watched the video. Nice work with the rolling hops and the pedal grab Phil. How long did pedal grabs take you to learn? I think I’m going to start practicing them because they seem really handy for getting onto heaps of things.

What did you use to edit that video?


Ah, yes, I was playing around with the new version of DivX (5), sorry!

I think it probably took longer to find somewhere to actually grab onto! I spent ages going round where I lived at the time trying to find a bench or ledge that wasn’t too high. I then moved house, and found the structure in my other pedal grab video and learned there. Probably not the best place because you had to jump over rather than onto, but it was nice and low. That was mid-september. Now I’m trying for more height… and that grab on the video is definitely not one of my best! Wobble, wobble…

I think I’m going to start practicing them because they seem really handy for getting onto heaps of things.

Video captured with Logitech QuickCam; interesting bits roughly extracted and converted to uncompressed AVI with VirtualDub, then put together with Adobe Premiere.

Phil, just me

Re: Ah, that’s how you do rolling hops!

Cool! You’ve moved on from Lego films to animating full sized Action Man figures. Very smooth action, but I kept waiting for this giant hand to appear in one of the frames;)

Seriously though, I’m impressed and not a little jealous. I really need to get out and practise more, I’ve not been on my uni for about a month:(

Have fun!


Re: Re: Ah, that’s how you do rolling hops!

Yeah, it took ages to hide the bits of string holding the chap up when he was jumping… :slight_smile:

Phil, just me

Ah, but it made it more interesting, susspence filled. Great editing and camera work -send more. :slight_smile:


Re: Re: Ah, that’s how you do rolling hops!

No… no… <<hideous wail>> That can’t be… Please tell me this isn’t the end of the Legomen!

Re: Re: Re: Ah, that’s how you do rolling hops!

Fear ye not… they’re just building up the suspense…

Phil, just me