Ah...not a good start...

I just recently bought some new shinguards (about $35 US) and was out at a state park going through some trails when I snagged the back of one of the guards off of an old thorn bush, which tore it off. Needless to say, it’s of little use now. I probably won’t be able to return them either.

Oh, and coincidentally, just when I realized what happens, I took my attention off of riding and to the armor that lay five feet behind me. Seconds later, I was on the ground with a bloody shin.

Depending on the type of shinguard you might be able to get them repaired at a shoe repair shop. I take my Roach armor to a local shoe repair shop to get patched up. Shoe repair shops have sewing machines and other equipment that can fix up armor.


I want a shrubbery too.