Agresive Uni's HELP!

I’m looking to get into Agresive Street Uni riding, ie street stuff, hitting rails, drops, maybe even a few big gaps. Currently I can ride a uni prity well and I would like to take the next step up into the Agresive tricks.

Question is What would be a good inexpencive Uni to get

I defenatlly want something light weight and a big beefy tire to take drops and something durable enough to take street riding

I have no clue where to go about getting something like this, or making one myself, I would be interested in either.

Can you guys and gals recomend where I could go about getting a uni to fit my needs I’m in Pittsburgh PA now and will be in DC in the summer, but allways am up for ordering stuff online too

your sugestions would be a great help


I recently had to answer this question for my self. You can find a thread on the subject here:

My Pimp New Ride

Let us know what you’re considering.


Get the united monty set up. if you are willing to shell out a few extrta bucks, go for the profile hub too. you can get all this stuff at
-David Kaplan

After looking arround at prices for Muni’s and other street uni’s that might fit my needs I think I can make a much cheaper uni on my own. It should make for a fun project.

What I’m thinking about doing now is starting with a fairly light weight frame and building a uni from there from parts. What are the big advantages of the profile hub? I have heard they are better from alot of people. Non profile hubs are alot cheaper and is a profile hub worth the dramatic price diffrence? Im gonna put on a big tire something able to take big drops, but the wheel it self I want to be relitivly small 20"

Also what BMX parts are able to be transferable to a uni?

You obviuosly have quite a few questions. I’d read around on the board a bit and try to find some of your questions that have already been answered.
Pedals will transfer from BMX bikes if they’re 9/16th thread.
You can get a seatpost to fit from a BMX bike if you build your own frame.
Obviously rims, tires, and spokes will all be interchangeable, etc.
Your best bet is to get the Profile cranks/hub (lifetime warranty), and a Monty rim/tire. From there you’ll want to go with the Miyata seat, then really the frame + pedals are up to you.


From my understanding you are going to do some urban riding in DC. Good luck. It is from what I’ve heard that, street skateboarding, aggressive rollerblading, and BMX, and such things are banned from the DC area. Have fun getting a few tickets.

If you are new to this sport, be sure to get some pads. I’ve been riding a year now, and in order to go “big” and technical in an urban environment, some hucking might be involved. And don’t worry everyone falls a lot, even Kris Holm has admitted to such a thing.

If you are like me, and want to go “big” and technical, be sure to get the Profile set-up. I have a dream uni that is becoming a reality, and I’m going to need a very high end uni. I don’t mean to sound like I have a big ego;but hey, I’ve done a 21" vertical jump…I suppose in NUC terms it’d be considered a 21" sidehop.

Yeah well, I’m going now, so
Good Luck!! Sounds like a fun project!


The nice thing about Riding Uni’s there are no laws on the books for them!

ok it’s comming together

Ok it looks like this might be comming together for me

I’m currently looking to get a Semcycle XL hub, or a Suzue hub, I dont have the cash for a Profile hub

As far as a wheel goes there are still alot of choices, I was thinking about saving some cash, from the monty setup, and going with a 20"X 2.1" flatland (Snafu Knobjob) set up for the uni, the tires have higher psi ratings. Any recomendations or warnings to that? Take in mind I plan on doing 3’ drops? The other choice for rim/tire would be with the 2.25" Maxx Daddy

Frame I think is pritty defenate, Nimbus 2 looks like it’s right for me. Unless something drastic changes I’m gonna go with that. And with that goes the United Seat post.

Thanks for all the comments, and keep them comming I need all the help I can for this project.


The Nimbus II is a good choice for frames, I’m getting one myself once they come over to the States.
As far as the hubs go, I’d definately go with the Suzue hub if you don’t want to fork out the cash for the Profile right away.
I’m kind of bias on the wheel selection, love my Monty.

is the Monty worth it?

Is the Monty tire and rim set up worth it honestly, it’s $75+shipping from The BMX alternative is only $50 or so

go watch universe then decide for yourself. there’s many people who beat the hell out of their monty wheels everyday and are yet to replace one. mantain your wheel and i guarantee this wheel will last you.

Re: is the Monty worth it?

A higher pressure fat BMX tire isn’t going to be as good for jumps and drops as a Monty. High pressure works for freestyle unicycle skills but is not the best for trials or urban.

I have a 2.1" Primo “The Wall” tire on my freestyle uni. Even if I lower the pressure in that tire way down (I normally run 70 psi for freestyle), it is still no match for a Monty when doing jumps and drops.

If your plan is to do jumps and drops then the Monty is the clear winner and is well worth the extra cost. The Monty will land drops a lot better and the Monty will jump a lot better due to its better bounce.


ok ok I know I have put this up in it’s own thread too but this is where I meant it to go.

hmm… now that I get into this it looks like this might end up costing me more then I though, that’s never good

With that I was concidering UDC 20" x 2.5" Trails from Unicycles.UK.Com it costs £125 (180 US)

It looks like it has the Nimbus II frame I want and a big Onza Tire, similar to the Monty, you guys have swayed me to go with it, yeah I know didnt take much convincing but I kinda knew it was the better one to go with anyway…

I think I’ll have to get rid of the crank and petal set up but that’s not too much for the price, yeah I know just buying one isnt as much fun as putting on together from scratch, but what can you do I dont have the $$

Tell me what you guys think of the UDC