Agnideva II (Perú)

hi everybody
this is a video from Agnideva, he’s from Peru and is a very big influence here en south america, here is his second video, hope you like it:)


This is one of my favorite vids now since I saw it a few days ago! Great style, tricks, and locations.

You are insane my friend, this is really awesome!
Can’t wait to see more from you dude! Great.:slight_smile:

such a nice video !

Really great riding!

the first half of the video really impressed me…then the tricks and lines just kept on getting bigger! nice riding :slight_smile:

very nice vid and great and creativ riding!The last trick of you friend was great too!

Fantastic, eh? Great riding partnered with a beauty of a filming job and a nice edit too. I also really dug this fellows style, very smooth, and delightfully old-school. A new personal favourite for sure.