aggghhh, replacing rim (the spoke part)

can annyone give me a link or something which has info and good pictures about replacing the rim (ive got to the part where i have to put the spokes back on the other rim)…i will die of agraviation get it soon:( :smiley:

cheers for ANY help given

Okay, again.

Edit: Your previous message really confused me, btw. :sunglasses:

oooohhhh fun
you know whats hard to lace??
a 48 hole rim to a 36 hole hub

i figured it out tho :slight_smile:


you know what’s hard to do?
square peg in round hole.

this man knows all sheldon brown=bicycle god

Or skiing in a hammock.

Those pictures are very confusing!

Try this!
Its written by George French, the leading engineer in Bmx today.

Iv built loads of wheels using his guide.

Rock on!

Holy cow, if Sheldon Brown’s pictures and tutorial are too hard for you to understand, maybe you shouldn’t have taken your rim apart in the first place. Its all color coded and very easy to get the hang of. I have already laced three 36 3 crosses and a 32 2 cross using this system. It is very easy to do once you have the basic skills and if the pictures are confusing, then just read the words, it’s very, very well written.