Again my respect for Miyata is reduce...

well now i’ve cracked/ split/ broken the rear bumper :frowning:

I was just normally riding tonight while talking to a friend i was watching where i was going and ran into a curb… my seat fell and i look back at my uni and there’s a little bit of green plastic sitting aboot a foot away from the seat… as i inspect it closer i see a bit of my bumper has been seperated from my seat!

its aboot an inch long and aboot and cm wide, its placed right above the end of the bumber [___ ___] that is where it would be if that was my bumper (jaguar style :slight_smile: then theres a huge crack rinning from the bottom right corner across it to the bolt to the edge :frowning:

just a note… hate miyata


ya that sucks,i keep waiting to hear a story of the Miyata foam de-comping and spliting in to little pebbles and squirting out the seams or somthing like that. :roll_eyes:

I know that we’ve about beaten this poor topic to death but…

I had to replace my Miyata handle just this week with a CNC for about $20. Though the CNC is not quiet as stylish as the slope-nose Miyata, it is SO much more comfortable and stiff! Really, pretty amazing difference. Even if you haven’t ripped your Miyata front bumper I think that it is worth it to replace it - until another quality saddle is available.

“…until another quality saddle is available.”

cough Velo cough Velo cough
Hmmm… Excuse me, I had something in my throat.

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P.S. End Miyata’s opression.

I just ordered a new KH to test it out. Can’t wait!

I would be orderin’ me a rear Kinport but i’m leavin’ for Hawaii on Saturday! maybe bedford can ship to Hawaii!

What part are going to? And what for?


Oahu, round wakiki (damn tourist trap)/ honolulu me? to uni for the rest of my family to lay in the sun while i bake myself in a pair of sixsixones

I see theres a guy named “layne” there that is a muni-ist

Don’t know if you knew this, but the Schwinn seats used to do that. No joke. The foam in today’s Semcycle Deluxe seats is of a much longer-lasting type.

On old seats, over time, the foam would turn to dust. I remember opening up an old (and extra uncomfortable) seat once to find about half the foam gone! You could see the dust coming out the holes in the bottom.

Fortunately I don’t think the Miyatas are capable of this…


You ordered a whole new KH cycle, just to try the seat? Sounds about right, but did you know the saddle is available separately?



No, man. The seat only. I ordered a KH seat to replace my Miyata on my Yuni or my 26" Sem.

Yeah I’ve found Miyata Sucks too. The seat is changing colors… dont ask me why…

I’m gonna go buy the “mad sweet” Kris Holm Saddle!!!