again a police story

I just went out with friends in Amsterdam, and then went home by unicycle.
I was about to pass an opened fast-food restaurant, where I heard a bang followed by the sound of falling glass. When I looked where it came from I saw a man demolishing that window even more.

Then he walked away semi-slowly (to not attract attention at the crowded square), and passed me. In this situation had the right to hold him. But as most people in this area are under influence of drugs (that often make people aggressive: alcohol), and he just showed to be violent anyway… I decided to cross the street and follow him less obvious while calling for backup by police or worse. For my own security I gave him some distance; I lived in that area, and knew all the streets; I sure would not lose him.

It became clear I wasn’t the only one after him; the moment that non-uniformed police-officers were arresting him (the full arrest, from distance, while being in chase), he started running. Which makes a chase a little nastier (as I’m on 20"). His escape was about to succeed as he shortly lost everybody, except for… that unicyclist (yes, me).

At that same moment police 2 cars were already aside of me, entering a little nasty traffic situation (perfect demonstration moment for unicycles), and then soon I could point him out (while continuing the chase), and finally he was easily locked-in in no-time.

It’s a second time I got in such a chase on unicycle, but last time was an drugs-abuser who attempt to kill a collegea of me, not just someone breaking a replaceable window.
I think in the future a 24 or 26" wheel would be better for crime-fighting purposes.

vigilante uni justice. awesome story leo.

Haha, cool story. If it were me I would have to ignore it, but its cool that you would help out the cops like that. You should get a siren put on your frame :stuck_out_tongue: . Good job, and good luck with future crimes if you are daring enough to give it a shot!

Nice work Leo. Good to hear.

thats awesome Leo

Thats pimp as hell! in jail people are laughing at him i bet!!! dude you got taken down by a unicycle??? HAhAHAHA!!!

Amazing story!!! Sounds like a Fritz Lang movie.
I gotta see the write-up in the local paper!

Great work, Leo!
We’re going to see cops riding on stealth unicycles (probably not 20’s though) in the very near future.

I was expecting to read a story about a unicyclist stopped by police, but what’s this? A criminal stopped by unicyclist? Sounds too good to be real, thanks for giving me such a good nice of the day leo.

Can’t imagine riding a 20" faster than running though, you must be a very fast rider.

There has to be an article about this somewhere, just imagine the headline. I want to read it! If it’s in the local paper, couldn’t anyone please scan the page? :slight_smile:

were you riding with 89mm s? I can go pretty fast with those on my 20". Good story though!

…and a flashing light…

Let’s have a cheer for our super uni hero!!

Another criminal ground down by the wheels of the… err wheel of the law.

Yes, because nothing says “less obvious” quite like a guy on a unicycle. :slight_smile:

Great story. It doesn’t surprise me you were the only one that could keep up with him. After chasing you around Amsterdam and having you outrun my 29" with your 20", I have profound respect for your speed and control.

While I did not always think this, in general I think it is good to help police when you have a chance. I have seen karma come back around on this, and you never know when it might be good to have that on your side.

Nice work, Leo.

I too was expecting a report of being stopped by the police. I’m quite happy it wasn’t.

Good job Leo.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph…

This was a treat to read, particularly as I thought from the title that it was to be a story of police injustice against unicyclists. Good job, Leo!

Reminds me of:

Cool going Leo, well done on helping the police out! Glad to hear you tried to keep your distance and not put yourself at risk, though.

Did the police say anything to you?

Well unless it’s with a pro marathon runner I’m just sightly faster than the average dude / police man.
But as unicycling is different, I can last longer on the long run.

I’ve stressed the police to only use my details when really needed, and not even file them other than in his notebook.
Besided that Amsterdam doesn’t have a local newspaper anymore.

Worse: 125 mm’s! You shouldn’t do freestyle with 125’s, actually should never make the combi 20"/125mm, but that’s just what I’m used to for very long, so I don’t dare to change to 110mm. Before unicycling I did bicycle racing on a very high level, including track, so doing high rpm’s is not really a problem for me.

It reminded me to another story 3 years ago that I never wrote down.
I once was practsing, and get this police-helicopter above me.
Police helicopter are very rare over here, especially in the district where I was.
So courieus as I was I decided to take a look, but immediately regretted my disaster-tourism when noticing bullet-proof vests.
And gun fights still are VERY rare events here.
So I decided to go home, but then -as I don’t like to ride into pieces of glass and such, I alway look where I ride- just noticed a bullet on the cyclepath!
I didn’t touch it, and went to a SWAT guy (who I know how to talk to), and so could point them to a piece of evidence even before technical investigation started. It was laying far from the scene, they never would have searched there.