Afternoon - [Street, trials, bike trials]

I finally got my camera back from the repair shop after the mic unit broke so I was desperate to do something with it.

Heres the result: Edit - WATCH HD!

My bike trials friend and I shot this in one afternoon (hence the title). The riding is nothing amazing but Im quite happy with the outcome.

Nice video, your friends bail was funny

nice. How did it your cam break? I know the mic did but how?

I think it got wet but im not actually too sure. all I know is they fixed it free of charge \o/

Mmmmmm HD. Sweet vid. Intro was good.

we both no i didn’t actually watch it in HD :stuck_out_tongue:


I specifically said… haha

Nice video I like the bails :roll_eyes: Would have been so cool if you pedal grabbed on that spinny thing and spun round :smiley: Just a thought.

I still have a sore tailbone :frowning:
and yeah i might just try that haha

GAH those dam tailbones!! such a popular injury amongst unicyclists.

very nice video, good smooth flow to it and nice riding too:)

You realize that spinning table at the beginning/end just begs to be ridden.
Nice vid… looks like you had fun.

You know what :thinking:
That didn’t cross my ride AT ALL :astonished:
I’m… rather embarrest haha.

Do it, Dunc

Been there done that got the tshirt
You can hop on the high side of it and start it spinning then every time u land it gets faster and faster. its pretty fun.

haha cool.