afternoon edit (easy riding)

My friend and me went unicycling in the afternoon and filmed some stuf… nothing big :wink: almost everything first try :wink:
and editing is also not really good (made it at 5am after a party xD)

I like that you still ride with that QX-sticker it reminds me of EUC! :smiley:

Nice, I really like the crankgrab-crankflip off of that huge drop!

nice riding guys :slight_smile: the first line was nice also! is that the original Koxx-one Carbon frame? looks fairly similar to my one

I don’t know why but my comp won’t let me watch this vid on vimeo can you put it on youtube? :slight_smile:

yes… I also like youtube more… but they deleted the music =(
but here it is :wink:

ps: music(starts after 4sec of uni vid):

I watched it on vimeo and really enjoyed.

Loved the thing you did with the youtube vids though!


Nice vid and riding:)

Too bad about the rim. Were you able to fix it?

not yet xD tommorrow I will go to the bikeshop… hopefully they will be able to fix it :slight_smile: