After work . . .

Perfect weather for the 29er



sweet! I need to come visit you guys sometime…


Sounds like a group trip to SB is in order! If it happens, I hope I’ll be able to join you…

We’ll try and get another small fry LA/SB Muni weekend together after the bigger fandango up your ways. We’re still trying to get the whole 29er Muni thing together but the manufacturers are dragging their feet on the 2-ply tire, without which 29er Muni is just a dream.


Awesome JL! Colin and I went riding yesterday (my second time since my injury) down in the Laguana Hills (where stairstepper is and cholla) and it felt great to be on a uni again! Although I learned how out of shape I am after not doing much physical excercise for the last 4 months!! We only did one loop when ususally we do three and I was spent. Was suprised that I couldn’t even make it up some of the hills I usually always make it up. Let’s just say Colin was kicking my ass the entire ride and it was only his second time muni’ing!! Looking forward to getting back in shape so lets plan some rides sooner or later. I have this thing called working on some weekends so I might not be able to make them all but at least some of them. Anyone interested riding somewhere this Saturday??

Were you guys doing MUni on those? If so, why the 29er over your KH 24? Are they just as strong for doing those 5 foot plus drops?
I have a new Uni friend who wants to join in for the next SB Muni ride, and so do I! When might that be? I take it the rides are usually scheduled on the weekend mornings? I tried to re-subscribe to the mailing list, as did my friend, but it’s down. :frowning:

dude, I’m from the Santa Barbara area!!!

I live between Lompoc and Buellton you should know where that is, next to Santa Inez

and I’d like to know when the next SB Muni ride is

Go to SBUNI.COM and join the list.

There’s a ride scheduled tomorrow but not at SB, rather in Simi Valley, meeting at the Rocky Peak Road bridge (off of the 118) at 7:30 A.M… Rides include Hummingbird and Devil’s Slide, a good double-dip and only advanced intermediate difficulty (my ankle’s screwed up).