After School Video

This video was made as a school project and I actually get credit for making this which makes it seem way too easy. This was all shot after school with my little digital camera in one afternoon.(filming by my gf) It is always fun to ride around in the school.


It is not the best riding in the world but hey I enjoy doing it so let me know what you guys think.

that’d be a fun project. Looks like you had a great time filming. For a minute there I was like “please don’t wheel walk off that ledge…”
Nice job

Don’t really see the English connection, but good vid. Next time you need to go down the steps not up ;p.

i would have gotten arrested if i rode around in school.

actually, i was arrested for riding around in my school.

Really? My school’s librarians had me ride mine around the library.

i rode in my school for a anti-alcohol commercial i made in health. i would load it but my youtube account wont load my vids…its annoying.

i liked the vid…but it seemed a bit long. AWESOME song though…i love Ozzy!

good video, great filming locations. I liked it good job, what was the english project about?

Okay yeah so I am still confused that I get credit for doing something that I enjoy so much but yeah. We chose a topic to do a research project on and I happened to choose unicycling. We have to have 7 genres and she said that she would count a video as one if I knew anyone that knew how to ride one. I laughed. She is the teacher in the classroom at the beginning. There is a ton more to the project but it is hard to explain. This was just one part that I thought that I thought others may get a kick out of also.

that’s cool