after one month

how good were you at unicycling after one month. I can mount left footed, right footed, jump mount, free jump mount, side reverse mount, ride with the seat in front, ride forwards, and that is about it. i can’t do them all, all the time but most of the time.

i sucked. badly

After only one month?

Ride, static mount, ~6 inch drops.

That’s about it.

I could fall on my face

I was able to save myself from injury falling in any direction. I couldn’t ride more than 5 feet, but man was I good at dismounting.

i was level one plus doing some hopping and dropping.

im working on level three and like i already said it is only my first month. to gowith that other stuff i can go off drops too.

i am also doing better at progressing then i thought i was

i still cant ride down any stairs after ten months, im too scared

After over 3 months, I’m only man enough to take on about 7 steps that are still fairly far apart…I’ve never actually landed it, but I have tried it about 20 times.

thats bad man. I was going to go down my steps today but my dad said i had to wait until this summer when i don’t have school(i think he thought something bad would happen to me and i couldn’t go to school).

In one month, i was riding my uni with ease, and i think working on one footed riding, i could also hop around, nothing big, and i could static-mount, but that was it, cause back then i just unied to uni, i still do but ive only recently opened the door to all the styles there are, aand now im learning all those =p

one month, I could ride, turn a little and uh…fall off.

actually… for real… after 1 month I could ride easy foward turn good… I could hop up 5 stairs 1 stair at a time and ride a 3" wide skinny

After 6 months I can mount, ride, hop, and tackle drops. I can also chingrind! Man, I’m cool :stuck_out_tongue:

I think after one month, I could ride foward and to the left… but not right. Or right and not left. I don’t remember exactly. I could mount “sometimes”