After NAUCC, Enthused MUCster rides one-footed!

We were completely awed by the talent that came to Memphis. And I’ve never met a nicer group of people. Everyone so helpful and friendly.

My daughters were so impressed by you that they are recommited. The closing dinner was Wednesday night. Thursday morning Sarah (15) rode sixteen revolutions one-footed! She’s glowing!

Ellen (11) has already been working on faster rpm. She’d barely ridden a 24 before NAUCC. She wants to race!

All of us uni-parents relish that smile of accomplishment that adorns our kids’ faces at times like this. I’m so proud of my kids for working through a new skill. It’ll choke us dads up quick.

Of course, I give them the credit for doggedly sticking to it. But I want you to know I think you are all responsible for stoking this fire again. You blew into town and enveloped us in a tidal wave of positive energy. You drenched each of us. We are sopping happy. (metaphor getting out of control)

Thanks to you all.

-Tom Maxwell.

P.S. Irene is their new hero. How happy am I that they have the likes of her to look up to. With all the negativity we are bombarded with in our lives, she is definately a blinding ray of the good stuff.

P.S.S. We have permission from the family finance director (Joyce) to submit a unicycle purchase order… :slight_smile:

Irene is definitely good stuff. Soft spoken, friendly, capable.

Glad you all had such a good time!

Friday night (two days post-NAUCC) Sarah rode a one-footed figure 8. Circles roughly 8 ft. each.

She now has a skill her dad cannot do. This is huge! July 7, 2006. A day to be remembered. Only the beginning.

Is she giving lessons? I really want to ride one-footed. I guess it would help if I practiced.

Good for Sarah!!