After My First Month of Unicycling

I’m 34 and I have be unicycling for a month so I thought I would get some stuff on video. There’s nothing amazing on here, just some small hops and drops. The SIF stuff is pretty wobbly so advice is appreciated.

Here is my first video.

nice work, what music is that?

I’m not sure. I think that it’s an egyptian drummer. It sounds like some sort of metal or ceramic drum like a doumbek.

good hopping for a month. Try to come to a stand still without so much prehopping.
Also try rolling off that step.
yukon eh. You should have some good riding around there I expect.

Neat drum music. The video is a bit long.

Something that made me turn off my speakers after 15seconds.

nice riding
but the song wasnt good

Not bad riding, I have had my kh20 for a bit over a month but before that I had a ebay uni which was crap. but yea I got 30cm jump going and 110cm drop >< good work!