After Motorama '06

I had a great time. I felt good about finally helping setup for something I’ve been going to for years. i got to talk to all the people i know again, and do some sweet trials. i even knew some of the bikers there, which was cool. loved watching everything. sometimes i think the motorcycle trials guys have it a bit too easy, since they can point themselves, rev up, dump the clutch and go up pretty much anything with that suspension.
The uni trials lines were good, but i thought there should have been one or two less hard lines and a couple more intermediate lines. maybe i will have a good idea next year. my only regret is that i had a bad wrist from the start, and then my crank fell off and i lost the profile bolt. Joel likes cars a lot, maybe too much, because we went to the car show and i was like check out that babe, and he was like no check out that nissan skyline with interior blah blah… it was still fun driving around with him, eh? hopefully will see you all again next year, and ill be better because i took home a bunch of the stuff we built!

pics plz

hey hey motorama was a blast yet again. i would have had pics if i didnt leave my camera at home.:frowning: still had a blast tho. i must say that riding both uni trials and bike trials at the same time is a bit tricky but oh well cant complain. next year ill go beginner trials on the bike. the intermediate lines were harder than i expected. blowing a brake line didnt help also. cant wait till next year and hope to see you all there again too.

Has anybody the results?

i got 4th in the beginer mod bike.

Well, this year we had yet another very successful Motorama Unicycle Trials competition in Harrisburg, PA. I like to thank all the competitors (18 of them I believe) for making the trip out to Motorama, especially those from Canada who traveled 8+ hours by car to get there.

I like to thank Joey Cohn for stepping up this year to help run the event.

I like to thank everyone who showed up on Friday to help set up the trials course. In particular, I would like to thank Joey Cohn, Colin and family, Amy Hudson, Frank Brown (hell-on-wheel), Brian Maw, Kevin O’Brien (TheObieOne3226), and others for their time and effort. Obviously the course couldn’t have happened without the input and labor from each of you.

This year for the first time at Motorama we had two unicycle trials classes, a Pro and a Non-Pro class. Joey Cohn and Ben Plokin-Swing tied for 1st place in the Pro class, with Joey taking the 1st place trophy after a dual of rocks-paper-scissors. Ben took the 2nd place trophy and Joel Burgess took the 3rd place trophy. Congrats to each of you.

For the Non-Pro class we had a 3-way tie for 1st place, with Frank Brown (hell-on-wheel) taking the 1st place trophy, Amy Hudson taking the 2nd place trophy, and Nick DiJohn (shadowuni) taking the 3rd place trophy after a dual of rocks-paper-scissors. Amy is the first girl to win an award at a Motorama unicycle trials competition and may be the first girl to win an award at any unicycle trials competition. She is one heck of a rider who impressed just about everyone at the event, jumping to the ground from the roofs of cars and riding along skinnys, one of which was a 2x4” angled at 45 degrees making it very challenging. Congrats to Amy and each of you winning the Non-Pro class. Well done!

The official unicycle trials results should be posted by Joey here soon.

We only had one injury that I’m aware of as a result of the event, by yours truly, who experienced a right ankle sprain. What happened was that I had lost my balance on top of a 3 foot sandwich board and fell backwards landing on my right foot, which happened to land on the slope of another sandwich board and the ground, causing my ankle to roll inwards toward my left leg. Spite not being able to walk too well there after, I was still able to unicycle and cleaned 3-4 more lines before the time was up. Unfortunately, my ankle has since swollen up big time and will probably take a few weeks before I can really get back into full unicycle trials again.

Thanks again everyone for a terrific event and I hope to see everyone again next year. I can’t wait to see photos! Please post them if you can.

wow sounds like you guys had alot of fun. were was it?

some of my thouts where that it should have been more combined with the bikes. They offerd to make a some of there lines uni frendly but you guys said no. I also think that you should have used nats rules not the “free trials”. and you guys made the bike and moto guys mad by taking 2 cars and the teatertoter that we made and alot of the other stuff they brought, just fyi.

Dude, was that you with the uni over with the bikes? You didn’t even come over to say hi, let alone help out with set up. I had your medium shirt there for you, do you still want it? As for the cars, I believe they were freely offered to us, and the teeter totter thing was an honest mistake and was graciously returned. As far as NATS rules, they focus more on competition than having fun.

yah that was me. sorey i totaly forgot about the shirt

There is no way we are going back to NATS rules. They are awful. I think the bikers should compete using the free trials rules, it would be nice to see them actually ride sections, instead of “strato dabbing” and essentially walking over the hard parts.

Motorama was great once again. It was a fun course. I’m pretty tired after all the “cross country” lines we had set up (lines which traverse most or all of the available obstacles).

thats the whole point you use your brain to dab where you want to. I under stand that you use the free trials to promote fun but i think they make things to easy i atleast think you should have taped out lines

Sounds cool! I’ve always wanted to ride with other trials riders, bike or uni.

Surely someone has pics/videos?

I just uploaded some pics onto the gallery that my dad took. My computer won’t let me get on the gallery now but its on the first page under drebble. It should work.

Yeah, Motorama was a lot of fun again this year. Thanks a lot to everyone who helped set up. It was really nice having the cars this year because you never really get a chance to use them in lines at home. The coarse was particularly tough this year, but still a lot of fun.

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