After FLUCK tour? UK Riders....


After talking to Kit it seems some people are interested in going places after Fluck. Possibly spending some time in Copenhagen, and Amsterdam was mentioned too…

Whos interested?


I’m interested if that’s possible. I would need to know more.

I’m not a UK rider, though.


Brits abroad… It’s gonna be ace!

I’m looking at hostels in Copenhagen at the mo and it’s looking about £20 per night in a shared dorm which is pretty much the norm for most European cities.

I’m thinking just a couple of nights in Copenhagen and giving Hamsterjam a miss. I’ve got to be at a festival the weekend after Fluck so need time to get home and sorted and dust my tent off etc.

If we could make a group booking at a hostel it might work out cheaper depending on how many of us there are.

Now… who knows how to order a beer in Danish?

Sig bajer , behage!

Yes, Kit and I have booked our flights. Getting to FLUCK on the tuesday, then stayin in Copenhagen til the Monday afternoon.

Anyone wishing to join us is MORE than welcome. Please let us know as we will get the hostel booked, so we arnt roaming the streets looking for accomodation!


Anyone? lol

Looks like it will just be me and you, Kit, matey :stuck_out_tongue:


I also want to come, but I’m not certain if I will be at FLUCK yet.

I talked to Kit and he said he’d tell me before you guys make reservations. If I do go to FLUCK, then I definitely want to stay with you guys. Should be fun, plus I should have a little surprise for Kit.

Same, I think hehe.


Lookin good :slight_smile:

Ivan, reg closes on 15th May… get your name down quick :stuck_out_tongue:


Who’s that guy at number 244 in the list? With such a name he simply must be the kewlest person ever, eh?

Nah, he’s a simpleton.

I’ll be booking the plain tickets soon.

Hanging in Copenhagen

I am up for hanging out in Copenhagen!

Should be a blast! We can ride around in a Unipack!

By the way beer is Øl in Danish. Pronounced OOWL.

Don’t know if I will get to Copenhagen before Fluck or Stay after.