Made this short video with some of the footage i got from my trip to Tanzania.

Nice one

Must have been great to be riding like that there :slight_smile:

Very cool video! :smiley: Those people look so happy ^^. I would love to go to Africa some day :P.

Uniting the world via unicycle. Great video. Some very happy people there, and by the look of it some of them have managed the first steps to learing to ride.

Thanks so much for sharing this.

really nice vid
I liked it a lot

that looks like a really fun time, and those people had a good time too!

I found your video on on this website

Awesome video! Like the skilled unicycle skipping rope trick! Like the shots of the people giving unicycling a go :slight_smile:

I like what the people and children do without unicycles.

It’s astounding, we’re a fringe group of society while training motor abilities is a usual pastime in other cultures.

This video is awesome! Those people look so happy!
I love it! :slight_smile: