Afraid to hop on new dx

I just got the torker unistar dx 24" muni…and I’m like afraid to hop on it because I think i’ll twist the hub again. Does anyone else have this uni? that weighs at least 160? And have done many drops and hops on and not damaged it? I definitely don’t want to twist my hub again…

Hoping, you’ll never ever twist a splined hub, not even a square taper hub. Large drops (over 4-5 feet maybe?) MIGHT twist it evuantually, over time, if you don’t land good.

are you sure you didnt just bend the cranks?

what kind of unicycle did you have before … and you twisted the axle not the hub :slight_smile:
i weigh 140 and i took my DX off a 6’ wall and landed solid (no rollout whatsoever) and nothing is bent or anything :slight_smile:
and even if you do manage to bend it… it has a warranty

Ok i’m convinced now. I also read the reviews on udc. Tomorrow I’ll be hopping all over the place


Hop as much as you want!!!

I usae mine for everything, mainly trials, and my highest drop is about 8ish feet, and it is fine, look in my gallery to see some of the drops, theres not much in there, but its good.

yeah, doing 8ish foot drops wont break the hub… tho it might snap the frame in half like i did :stuck_out_tongue: torker is all good till you snap your freakin’ frame in half

Then you just buy the Nimbus II frame, painted black, for $42. =p

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but the frame has a lifetime warranty … so you get a new one anyways