Affordable/Wholesale Unicycles

I’m starting a club at my school to teach people to ride. I was granted about $750 from the school. I’d like to squeeze out as many decent unis as possible out of that. The catch is that I can’t buy them used (because they need receipts and stuff).

I’m hoping to find some good but cheap freestyle unicycles (with flat crowns, not rounded) that can hold up to a little hopping. So far I’ve only seen really cheap things with square tapered hubs in the $100 price range. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

A good square taper uni can hold up to a little hopping.

You could buy three Nimbus II’s (ISIS) for that much from

Or you could get 5 clubs (square taper)

You could try giving a call and ask them if they could sell them to you at a reduced price since you’re purchasing multiples for a school.

Also, I just remembered, probably the cheapest ISIS freestyle unicycle you can get is a torker lx pro if you shop around you can usually get them for under $200.

I appreciate the input.

Looks like I’ll get some of those 20" Clubs for 130 bucks a pop, and then maybe the 24" Sun off-road for $200 (ISIS)!