aero wheel covers?

I was wondering if anyone ever made an aero wheel cover for their coker? They use them in time trial races and triathlons. I know the speeds aren’t always comparable but would there be any benefit? Also it would be a nice canvas to use for what ever you want to put on it.

I wouldn’t want a disc wheel on a coker. Any sidewind would blow you over.

or spin you like a top! I admit searching for “Uni” stealth wheel covers for the 29er… anyone remember them? the clips would be nice to have, but some stretchy vinyl fabric and aluminum flexible rod… I just liked it for saying UNI on it.

Do time trialists use wheel covers on the front wheel? If not, you probably don’t want one on a Coker either. Since it doesn’t always go straight (we wobble), it may not provide any advantage. Also as mentioned above, you’d be surprised at the effect wind can have on you. If you’re riding in Wellington, NZ, that’s without a wheel cover. :slight_smile:

But if you want to do it for aesthetics, party on. You’ll have to make something of course; there’s nothing on the market for that size wheel. It could look really cool for parades or other types of display riding.

No you are not allowed to use them up front. For some reason the thought of crosswind slipped my mind. I just thought I’d ask on here because there are a ton of people on here that have seemed to have done just about everything.

I remember a couple of disconcerting incidents on my 36 in strong side winds. On one occasion, the uni turned 90 degrees like a weather vane, just as I was about to start a steep descent. What might happen in heavy traffic doesn’t bear thinking about. Nothing would persuade me to put a disc wheel on a Coker for riding in the open air. It may offer some advantages in a velodrome, and may look good at an indoor meeting.

Zzag on this forum had one! show us a pic Zzag!

Here ya go!
I Have to confess I made this (from scratch) for my sponsor shop (try this if you want to ride a qu-ax 36’ for free).
The hub broke a few years ago, I much prefer riding a regular wheel, though I loved the look of it. The problem is the woobling (when the wind comes from the front or the rear), as well as the sidewind.
[edit]pix were shot during the 2005 french uni cup[/edit]