Aero Bars Carbon or Aluminum

Okay, I just ordered myself a new 36" Triton from Jeff at Currently, I have a T7 on a V2. I would like to add an aero bar to the Triton. Here are my questions:

  1. Do you think the T7 bar will work with the Profile T2+ design or should I get the KH T-bar? I was thinking I might be able to clip on between the handles.

  2. What do you think about the strength of the Profile Design T2+ Cobra Carbon Fiber versus the aluminum version? Would the carbon survive a UPD?

Thanks for the input.

I’ve had no experience with anything handle bar related, but I can say that depending on how it is done carbon fiber is quite a bit stronger than aluminum.

I’ve been using the profile T2+ aerobars, attached to the kh t-handle, for a few years now and love it. I have the aluminum version and it has held up fine through several upd’s. The key is to not overtighten the bars so that during an impact the bars will “give” and not break. But because of the extra long length, I wanted to add more support so I fashioned an auxiliary support that attaches to the seatpost, and goes into the end of the t-handle sleeve. It’s so comfortable I could never go back to just a T-handle for long rides.



I’m glad you replied to my question. I’ve been following your posts on the aero bars. Thanks for the additional info.