advise on getting a torker dx

hi people,

i want some advise on wether or not to get a torker dx.
i really like the dx but i dont know if it will be too heavy?
does anyone know how much it wieghs?
also if any one who has a dx could you tell me how you like it.
also what could be an alternative to getting the dx i dont want to spend over 300 aus and i want a reasonably good trials uni.


ive got it and so i cannot compare to other unis but for the price it is really good, it feels solid and rides well.

just get the dx you wont be dissapointed casue you cant compare to say a Kh or koxx, when you get good or break the dx you can upgrade.

cool bananas- do u know how much the dx wieghs???

nah I dont know the exact weight sorry, you may find it on the net somewhere.

Its not too heavy thou that it will hold you back, I can do 360unispins, crankflips and hop close to 60cm so dont worry too much about weight at the moment.

cool bananas- could u weigh it for me please i would really like to know the weight!!!


ok gimme 5min

alrighty well i get 6kg but thats using bathroom scales and with the seat-post cut down but it gives you a estimate.

seriosuly thou i dont think the weight will be too much of an issue.
Also for the price you wont get a better unicycle