advise: noisy pedals

I have snafu pedals on my 07 kh 20 I have only been riding it for maybe a month or two but now they keep making a strange noise which sounds very unhealthy but there is no play in them. any suggestions on what I should do to/with them? I was thinking of taking them apart and packing them wih grease, is this wise or will I loose berrings or dammage it more if I try?

any suggestions would be great

are they screwed tight to the crank?

yea they are screwed realy tight onto the cranks and the nuts on the end are perfectly tight to, theres no movement in them they are just making a disturbing noise which cant be doing anything any good, has no one else hade this problem?

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well my welgo try-all pedals make a very horrible noise too.

As long as they are screwed tight to the cranks and the bearings aren’t loose, maybe grease them a little but its pretty much normal.

Depends how much you have put your uni through :smiley:

snafus are a piece of junk. the ball bearings in them quickly wear away, especially if you ride a lot, ride hard, ride in dirt/sand, and/or ride in water.

Buy pedals with sealed bearings.

You can take the snafus apart, regrease them, and get some more life out of them…

and read my pedal review:

i’ve gone through a LOT of pedals.

ok thanks, will look at your reveiw now, if the berring race has broken up will it fall apart when I take it apart leaving me with a uni with only one working pedal?

ok I have now removed the pedal from its shaft and extracted the berrings nothing looks worn so Im just going to clean it all up pack it with grease and put it all back together. I can see that water has got in, the grease has turned to an emulsion so I shull use waterproof grease and hopfuly everything will be fine

is the noise really that loud?

and grease solves everything lol. But after 1-2 months use i’m not surprised they are fine.

load enough to be heard when riding but not very load, I just didnt want them to damage themselves so that I needed a new set and wouldnt be able to ride for a while.

1-2 months is nothing, bike pedals seem to last forever, I think it was just the water that did it, still they should be fine now, I packed them with a good quality waterproof molly grease so hopfully they will last alot longer now.

Snafu’s are one of my favourite pedals, but only the sealed ones. I wouldn’t touch the unsealed Snafu’s with barge pole.

my snafus are fine, they are grippy and have a large platform, they could do with all the pins being replaceable but apart from that, the pins bending after a mean pedal grab and the berrings not being sealed there perfectly good.