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Hi, i’m new to unicycling. I have a learner unicycle which i can now ride around the street and mount without support. That is what I am up to so far. I would like some advice as to what unicycle i should get next. I want to get a decent one but I don’t think I will get a KH or something similiar yet unless you can convince me it’s worth it/I need it.

I wanted to know if I should get a trials or a freestyle 24" uni. Things I had in mind were the
Nimbus 24" freestyle
or a
Nimbus trials

I’m open to any other suddestions as well. So far I have just been riding around my street (which is a cauldesac). Eventually I would like to do the trials stuff which is a while off so what do you think would be the best uni for me to continue learning on and i guess later on let me do some more advanced stuff.

Thanks for any help

I have the Nimbus II freestyle 24," and I really like it, but unless you want to do some distance riding and freestyle before going the trials way, the trials unicycle would probably be best. The problem with the Nimbus freestyle 24" is that it is something of a compromise, unless you specifically want to do freestyle on a 24". Generally freestyle is done best on a 20" although compromiser that I am, I always do it on my one unicycle, the Nimbus 24". It might hold up to some trials and MUni, but not much, and there are much better choices for those riding styles. And if your fixated on distance riding, you should get at least a 29" wheel. So the Nimbus II 24" is only good for those who can afford only one unicycle, and like to ride distance and freestyle, plus light off-roading. If you want to go trials whole hog, you should probably consider the KH, unless you are constrained by your budget, although the Nimbus trials would probably be fairly good.

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Does a trials uni ride ok on road and is it capable of doing some basic freestyle stuff? my dilemma is that i want to ride on the road a lot and learn to do some freestyle stuff as well as jumping etc. So basically I want to choose the one that does both best I guess.

where abouts in sydney?

trials are the best unicycles. if you can afford it get one of these straight away

I live just outside of Penrith. Sounds like I should get a trials uni then. Is it worth getting the nimbus cycle or something like that. I would prefer not to spend as much as a KH is worth if I can avoid it but I dont want to waste my money on something that isn’t worth it.

On Sun, 16 Jan 2005 01:55:20 -0600, “TiNcAn” wrote:

>Does a trials uni ride ok on road and is it capable of doing some basic
>freestyle stuff?

Your best bet right now is probably to get a decent trials unicycle. If you are as enthousiastic as it seems from your post, you’ll find yourself buying dedicated unicycles for each type of riding you do. Maybe the freestyle uni is next.

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