advice- trials/freestyle ??


iv been doing long distance on my old 26" road uni for a few years and after spending time with passing circus groups i am looking to buy a 20".

i want to teach myself some freestyle tricks but i also live in a very rural area and so i was also looking at muni.

are these two ideas in any way compatible?? i have been looking at the QU-AX 2008 20" crossfire.

any advice?


Are you talking about doing muni on a 20" or freestyle on a muni?

It’s totally possible to have loads of fun doing muni on a 19/20" trials unicycle… you’ll just be doing it slowly. A “proper” muni will allow you to blaze down a trail much quicker.

Freestyle isn’t my cup of tea, but I’ve been able to learn some basic freestyle tricks on my 19" trials uni. If nothing else, it’s a good starting point for seeing if freestyle “floats your boat”.

Get out and ride, and have fun!

I was thinking trials and typing muni…

the crossfire is a trials- i was realy wondering if you have trouble with the more ‘knobbley’ tyre??


you can do it, there are lots of flatland riders that ride with a knobby tire no problem.

Also just get a 20inch wheelset and then you can switch between the two wheels or even just bald a tire and switch tires whenever you want to do freestyle then trials