Advice Please

I did have access to a cheep uni once a week, for a few hours, but now I have to buy one to continue learning

I’m 6 ft tall and 16 1/2 stone (about 230 lbs) - I have learned to ride forwards and turn + come back - still all abit randomly :roll_eyes: - no freemount as yet - but my dismounts are often spectacular :wink:

I want an all rounder (difficult I know:o ) - I want to…
-bomb arround town, hop up + down curbs, maybe steps later ??? :astonished:
-but also must be able to handle some off road in the parks too,
-and I want to ride on the beach when there is no wind for kite-buggying.
(kite-unicycling anyone :astonished: )
I’ve think i’m fixed on a 24" wheel - but tell me if you think otherwise

Ok, i’ve read quite alot of newbee stuff on here but i’m still undecided about what to buy…Do I…

A - Buy cheep learner (£50-£100) - Kill it - but find out what i really want out of a uni and then buy good one? -

Adult Learner

B - Buy an intermediate uni (£120-£160) - That will be good quality + last well, as long as i don’t learn to do 2-3 ft drops -


C - Buy a splined hub uni (£190 - £250) - overkill for a learner - but will probably last me forever -

Qu-ax Splined
Onza Muni
KH CroMo Muni

I can afford A + B, but C will break the bank!!

Any onther options I’ve missed? (UK kit only)
Thanks for your help:)

24"sounds the right size for the sort of riding you want to do.

I’d go for the NimbusII. It’ll easily be strong enough for small drops and jumps. The cheaper ones might just put you off and the expensive ones are overkill (for now :slight_smile: )

Get a muni. Either the Nimbus muni, or one of the splined ones.

The Nimbus II is nice but you’ll want a different tyre and quite likely new pedals if you get into going offroad and jumping up things, which will make it pretty much the cost of the nimbus muni. The tyre on the nimbus muni is relatively good for sand riding too if you run a low pressure.

I wouldn’t buy a learner one, they’ll break so quickly once you start riding more. The Nimbus ones will last forever if you don’t do silly big drops.


That’s one more of us and one less of them.

Welcome to the fora.
If at all possible, find unicyclists in your neck of the woods and see if you can try out a couple of unis before you make the final decision.
So far the 24" sounds like the best bet for the kind of riding you mentioned, you may want to look at something just a touch bigger if you are going to more distance riding.
If you can try out a couple of different unis, your decision will just be that much more informed.
A majority of unicyclists will happily let you ‘have a go’.

Check out this thread.

I see the link for the image isn’t working anymore, you can see the device in a picture attached by GizmoDuck towards the bottom of page two of that thread.

This thread shows some pics that may be closer to what you had in mind.
(And a direct link from that second thread.)

And whatever happened to this David Brittain guy?
Does he still ride/fly?

Where abouts in Wales are you? Cathwood on these forums is from Prestatyn in N Wales, and there are a few outhers about. If you can make it there’s a meeting of unicyclists in Devon a week on saturday, there’ll be loads of unicycles there for you to try out! I’m going to be there, as are Amanda & Bishop, so there should be a few varied unicycles for you to try out.


cheers for the replys

GUILD - thanks for the links + advice

anybody fancy lettin me have a go on your ride? - i live in Newport S.Wales and drive up + down the the coast kiting - swap you for a go on a kite if you like?

nickjb - thanks, i keep coming back to the Nimbus cycles (I see you live in Cardiff :roll_eyes: :wink: )

joemarshall - thanks too, but whats a 24 x 3.0" Duro Wildlife Leopard tyre like to ride on the street? i find MTB tyres a wierd an sketchy when banking on the street sometimes (on my MTB) - on the other side of that, the Hookworm tyre on Nimbus II + X doesn’t look much cop for dirt - which is the best allround tyre?

thanks again

cheers Loosemoose

I just got back from kiting trip to Westward Ho!
not sure i can run to another Devon trip so soon:(
where is it at anyway? but you never know

Damn, I even copied the link to put in that post, and never put it in, lol…

Details of SWUM 8

It’ll be worth it, lots of hockey and other silly games to play.


my advice 24 inch muni. it’s the best for all the things you want. even something unsplined would be fine for a while. just get a good frame. though i’m a similar size/weight and i probably should’ve gotten splines.

I think the Duro is the same as the Halo contra. If so, it’s okay to ride on the road, much better than a nokian Gazaloddi which is the other popular muni tyre. It’s a rounded cross section, which makes it turn okay. The only downside is it will wear a bit quicker than a smooth tyre and will roll a bit slower. It’s a very nice tyre for jumping off things / riding down steps etc. and riding muni.

I guess you already know if you ride bikes, but you’re right near Cwmcarn, which has what are apparently very fun man-made mtb trails to ride, although you might need a bit of practice before you go there on your muni!


A 24"x3 is great for off-road riding. The big tyre just soaks up the bumps and roots. On the road they can be a bit sketchy, you don’t feel quite so connected (This is a much bigger deal on a uni than on a bike as well). Once you are experienced it isn’t a massive issue but it’ll make learning a lot harder. A slick tyre on the road is a lot nicer. Changing tyres isn’t a big deal as long as you have enough frame clearance.

You’ll eventually find what you really need is a range of unicycles for different occasions. Most of us on here have a few. :smiley:

If you want a ride on some of mine then drop me a line. I’ve got a 20", 24"x3 and a 28" under the stairs.

I forgot to add… Something between a 24"x3 and a slick would probably suit you fine but i’m not sure what that would be. Give Roger at a ring, he is pretty knowledgeable about these things. He’ll also let you change tyres, pedals, etc and price accordingly.

i thinnk you should go with the nimbus x. it looks perfect for the riding your doing. the tire should be fine unless you are planning to do muni or something. no unicycle tire will do good on the beach but if im wrong someone correct me.

Juggle kite unicycle madness

hey GUILD,

seems a couple o’ guys I know have met David Britten
did some fishin on the kite forum and…

thanks for the uni advice, to all who replied
the money’s burnin a hole in my pocket, so i’m gonna talk to someone @ UDC tomorrow to nail it down
it’s between the Nimbus X + Nimbus Muni - but that Onza’s still lookin so good :astonished: - no stop it…:frowning:

Do you only have one kite?
I didn’t think so…

Kewl link, thanx for posting that.
I thought this pic just too kewl not to repost here.
Someone on that forum mentioned an 8ft uni, the one in the pic looks like a 6 footer.

I was there!!! Broughton beach, it was, right next to the big boat launch, across Marine Drive from the airport. Best wind in Portland! Little chance I could have missed this event, being a hopeless kite bum at the time.
As one post later in the linked thread states:

I am going to disagree with this. David was just fooling around, merely riding his kite buggy backwards on two wheels while juggling and so forth, until bikini clad spectators appeared. That’s when the unicycle/traction kite/juggling started.
I’m glad someone got a picture of that.

Oddly enough, meeting David Brittain is what got me thinking about unicycling in the first place!

I have 4 kites (range from 3 sqm to 8.5 sqm) - EDIT : I see your point:(

Us kiters are prone to exageration when it comes to hight :roll_eyes:
especialy when it comes to jumps :wink:

Though i have to say Glen (Butch) + Mark (monkeyvizion ) are two of the most full on kiters u are ever likely meet!

Have you checked out the Unicycling Roster?

It’s a resource to help unicyclists find other riders in their area.

After talking to Roger at UDC, I have ordered the Nimbus X :smiley: