Advice / opinion wanted

I am buying myself a Nimbus 29 touring, and have decided to get my 11 year old a new uni as well so we can give the 18 incher (that we got free) to his buddies down the street (they are poor).
I am looking at the club 24 (his inseam is 27 inches which is at the bottom of the spec)
I want to spend no more then $115… I see a few 20" like the torker and the trainer series on UDC…
Is the 24" club a decent grab? I figure with this size, even if he looses interest I can use it

I think the Club series unicycles are great beginner/learner unicycles and while they are on sale it is even a better deal.

Does your son want to go faster or do tricks? if he wants to go faster the 24 would be perfect, If it is a tad large you can always cut a bit off the top of the frame. If he wants to do more tricks or wants to hop on stuff a 20 might be better.

I’ve ridden a club 20" not a 24, but I can tell you that it felt like a darn solid machine for a beginner uni. Much better than a sun, those feel pretty sloppy to me, they’re lightweight, but not in a good way.

If that’s your price range, I’d say go for the club. That’s what I tell all of my friends when they ask what they should start on. : )

as mentioned above, if he wants to learn some tricks, go with the 20, but I wouldn’t hop too much on it, nothing too big, it has a single walled rim. I personally don’t like the feel of a 20" and a lot of tricks can still be learned on a 24" : )

on a separate note. . . Tom. . . did you mean UPD Eggspert?