Advice on street vid

Hey this is my 2nd video i’v done with a mate, I’ve been unicycling for just over 3 months when this vid was shot. Here is the link to the you-tube adresse

The reason I put it up here is so I can get some unicyclists comments, please feel free of saying anything.

Unicycle isn’t only for clowns :stuck_out_tongue:

thats very good for about 3 months

You should learn to do sif and rolling hops.

What’s up with the scarves? Is that a British thing?

No, its not a British thing. Do you want advice on street, cause you haven’t asked any questions about it?


its fashion dude altho i cnt pull off that look myself so i dont try im just cold.
Cool vid i rememba you from london, looks like you have improved since then, advice from me would be work on some technical street rather than just steps, 180 was kl but work on things like spins, uni spins n flips mite aswell give em a go. Keep it up tho

Nice video, especially if you’ve only been riding for 3 months!

I think everyone can agree that you’re riding is fantastic after three months. I liked the beginning shot with the ferris wheel and uni, but mayber try to get that shot with a tripod, or setting the camera on some ostill object. Also, for your next vid, try to get more shots from different angles, specificaly lower angles. Try to practice getting less shaky shots too, usually easiest done with arms held extended, rather than bent. Good video though, and keep up the rapid progression in skill!

impressive stuff for a little over 3 months. technique wise work on doing fewer prehops and you can already jump over a lot of steps so work on rolling hops and unispins are always a nice variation in a movie. good job!

your hops down stairs were really impressive but I never saw you hop up anything.

good work man. APC are awesome. thats excellent for 3 months. keep it up.

Ive been riding 3 months, i cant jump down those many steps but i can do bigger stair jumps than going up stuff.

Oh nice video. Is your secound name heath?

Well thanks for all this advice guys, to start the unispins and crankflips, i’m just waiting for xmas so i can buy some protective gear :slight_smile: the one i have at the mo is a litle small :stuck_out_tongue:
yea my name is heath though I am french therefore the scarves arn t an english thing I just love them :stuck_out_tongue:


Im stuart heath!

But im english so its twice as good:P

Nice to see another heath unicyclist!

Haha, before I even read the replies, I was thinking about how much I liked all your scarves! I wish I could do all those things you did in your video! I’m a very slow learner…Been unicycling since 9 years old (I’m 15 now) and all I can do is hop up a curb and roll off a picnic bench on my 26" MUni! :frowning: Guess I better try harder :roll_eyes: Anyway, I really liked the video! Keep it up!