Advice on removing pedal pins?

I have the torker dx and I’m going to remove the pedal pins on one side of the pedal so I don’t ruin things when I do pedal grabs. I’m having trouble removing the pedal pins so I’m wondering if they’re molded with the pedal or if I’m doing something wrong. Right now I’m using a needle nose plier and trying to twist and pull up but they’re not moving. So some of advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

I recommend that you don’t remove the pins at all. Rather, if the pedal is black, file or scrape the paint off of the side you plan to pedalgrab on. If the pedal is white, paint the top black. I just got a new set of black snafus, and I immediately picked a side of my pedalgrabbing pedal and filed enough of the paint off that I could see a clear difference between the sides. Damage from pedalgrabs will do the rest.

tired it, dont work, needed a specail power thingy for removing screws, forget what its called, but in the end I but them back in, because four of the screws dont come out, so you cant grind with it unless you make a grind pedal like I did, and most torker DX users, unless you are going to grind with plastic pedals…

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This is for gerblefranklin, why did you tell me to scrape the paint of my pedal what difference would that make I want to take out the pins so when I pedal grab they won’t put holes in the benches when I pedal grind? Just Curious. By the way thanks for the advice, if I didn’t ask I would be out in the garage all night trying to take them off.

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I dunno what type of pedals they are, but a lot of pedal pins have an allen key shaped hole in them which you can use an allen key in to unscrew. I think it’s usually something like a 2mm allen key.

If you can’t get them out though, and you are sure you aren’t going to want to put them back in, you might just be able to drill them out?


If the allen wrench won’t work

Try these vice grips. Great tool that everyone should have, found at any hardware. It will clamp 100x harder then normal pliers. Made for removing stripped nuts , screws etc.:slight_smile:

Vise Grips.jpg

I think for the DX pedals, some of the pins are removable, but the four on each side closest to the axle (spindle?) are cast in, and non-removable. Those you’d have to grind of, or just deal with.

Well I noticed there’s like screws on the underside of the pedal so I’m wondering if they’re attached to the pins but I can’t get them to budge.

Well first, the kind of pins in the wellgo’s that come with the DX are junk, which means they are basically phillips head screws. The only way I have found to take them out is this:

  1. Take the pedals out of the cranks, and find a flat, hard surface. Now pry off the reflectors with a flat head screw driver or similar. You should now look on the inside of the pedal body and find the 8 pin heads per pedal.

  2. Now go get your drill (you do have a drill, don’t you?). Here is the part that you might now have. A phillips head screw drill bit with a length of about 1" (or more). So if you have this then you’re in good shape, if not, then try to find one, because taking a regular old screwdriver to these pins isn’t gonna work. So just plug in the drill and put it in reverse and pop those suckers out.

  3. you are now left with the 8 non removable pins per pedal. The best way to get these out of your way is to take an angle grinder to them, but if you don’t have one of those you can simply file them down (long time) or hacksaw them off (shorter time) but the hacksaw job is really pretty messy.

So if you really want to take out the pins that’s the way to do it. I would not suggest taking the pins out though, because without pins, the smooth surface of the wellgo’s isn’t gonna stick on the pedal grabbing surface very well. So I wouldn’t suggest taking out the pins.

Just my $.02.

Alright thanks I appreciate!