Advice on Muni setup?

Hey everyone,
i’m thinking of updating my muni setup. At the moment i’m running a 170mm profile hub/cranks set, chunky as hell chromo frame (with piss poor clearance) Nokian Gazz 3.0 tyre, SMO Dice triple walled rim (is very strong but very skinny and is prone to annoying tyre foldage).

I’m thinking of getting a new 24" Kh frame + seatpost and Kh freeride rim.
It is possible to get the Large Marge here in Australia but is it really worth the extra money ($164 versus $75 for the KH)?

I may look into getting a brake as well (maguras) but that will probably be some time after i get the other stuff.

Can you think of anything that might make this setup not work (not as good as it could), like tyre clearance/bearing sizes etc?


i heard the gazz with a large marge has super bodge clearence, but the large marge and duro work good. (with tha KH frame)

that’s just what i heard.

personally i’d spend the extra and get the large marge rim.

the best advise i could give you is to NOT ride muni, coker, freestyle, trials, etc. stick with street unicycling…its by far the coolest…


:roll_eyes: Not everyone here is the street type of rider.

The Large Marge is great, but you will need brake extenders if you want to have brakes.

If you use profile + KH frame, you’ll need bearing spacers:

You can probably have some made or make them yourself without too much difficulty.

If you upgrade to a Large Marge, you can kiss tire foldover goodbye. The Gazz is awful tight in KH frame with a Large Marge, but the Duro has no issues.

The Large Marge is a speciality item for those living on rocky terrain and encountering big rolling drops. With the LM, rocky tractoring is smoother and the tire rarely if ever rims out or folds over no mater the size of the move. Unless you’re on this mkind of terrain, the LM is not much of an advantage. But on steep, uneven rocks, it rules the world. Also, the Gaz/LM is too much tire and holds too square a profile, IMO–go with the cheaper and rounder Duro.

For most regular muni, especially regular sing track riding, any viable DH rm will do fine.


Wow what a tard.

A “UNI-Tard?”

Thanks everyone! (well nearly everyone)
I am moving to go to University next year and will suss out the Trails there before i make a decision on the rim. Only if it is well and truly justified will i get the LM.

Connorunicycle- i already ride street, as well as many other forms of unicycling. Each has its own challenges and rewards. Maybe you should diversify your riding style and you might find out. (Plus, you will soon find out that a good grounding in trials and Freestyle will help you a lot in learning street stuff)


Don’t get maguras, WAY too expensive. I found a old crappy break and a handle lying around. Looked at my unicycle and thought “why not?”. A few hours later i had a very well working break that didnt cost me a thing (If you have to buy all the parts it’ll maybe cost 10$, compared with 80$ or so for maguras)
Might not work just as good as maguras, but not far from it.

So I say diy!!