Advice on long dirt touring?

I just home from a 300 km Muni tour on my stock KH 26" + a disc brake :slight_smile:
Had such a great time I’m keen to go again but further .

I’m looking at riding with a bike event with much longer Km each day so I need a bigger wheel.

The total distance is 900 km shortest day of 40 km longest of 112 km and all done in 16 days total.

Should I go 29", 29" with Schlumph or 36"? any advice would be helpful

I have been riding since Feb but have ridden a lot so learning new wheel size wont be a problem as I have 6 months to train for it :slight_smile:



It depends on the terrain. Can you supply any more information about this tour? 36" wheels are pretty heavy, and I prefer them only for less techincal rides that don’t have a lot of climbing. Geared 29" or even geared 26" will get you more use of the high gear (hence make it worth carrying that extra weight) but it really depends on the terrain.

The terrain will be a mix of ups and downs almost all dirt.
lots of dirt roads with maybe 15-20% of rocky, tecky stuff, a few river crossings.
Not sure how steep the climbs will be but it goes into the flinders ranges in South Australia.