Advice on friends learning video

Recently my friend David has expressed a desired to learn to ride so I dusted of the learner Uni and gave him a few lessons.

This video here is him after 2.5 hours of riding.

We started with just sitting and rocking on the Uni and then went to using a fence, one direction then the other.

I have told him to sit up straight, weight on seat, and look ahead and all the other helpful advice listed in the numerous threads here.

Is there anything looking at the video they would help him?
He’s learning quite fast but is getting frustrated at the moment, is practice and patience the key?

That’s pretty damn good for 2.5 hours. Try to convince him that he’s doing really really good for 2.5 hours, and it’s not worth it to get frustrated. I think that’s a pretty good method for mounting too. I should’ve done that when I learned.

But, if he keeps it up, in a few days he’ll definitely be able to ride well. you’ve also given him all the advice you really can give him, he just needs more practice.

the way i learned, let him start at a mailbox so he can hold on, and gain his balance exactly where he wants it, before he starts riding.

Hes pretty much got it now.

A few more runs from the curb mount so he can get better at having a constant distance before he falls.

Then have him learn to freemount. I think a rolling mount is better for a beginner to use, because they can use the forward momentum to get going.

I found that I could transition from mailbox-assisted mounts to freemounts easily, just by trying not to clutch the mailbox as much when I got on. This way, I was able to freemount before I could ride 30 meters.

Nice! =p

I found when I was first teaching my girlfriend, Sera, to ride, she would clutch onto me a lot, to not fall, then little by little would she be able to lessen her grip until it was to the point where I just stuck out my finger and she would hold onto the tip. Then I took my finger away and she was doing it. =p

I have a friend who can freemount, but can’t ride more than 2 feet.

My girlfriend teaches me mounts.

I would have her teach me every freestyle trick she knows! =p

Your pretty lucky to have a godess of unicycling. :wink:

I cannot watch the video but i learnt (and my girlfriend learnt) By holding on to the trampoline and slowly making my way around untill i was confident to let go. it also help with learning to turn because i had to move around the trampoline.

david is awesome !

i wish i was that good after even 5 hours.