Advice on first uni

I would like to purchase a uni but am overwhelmed with options on Amazon. I need to keep the price below $120. Eventually would like to ride/juggle.

I am 5’7 female - guessing I would need either a 20’ or 24’ tire.

Any suggestions would be appreciated - thanks!

Most people here advise using a 20" to learn with.

I have a cheap one that I’m using for this purpose, although it looks like I’ll have to replace the saddle on it.

My plan is to let this one get beat up, bouncing around as I jump off it while learning, and then buy something better once those days are behind me.

If you weigh less than 11 stones, any of the cheap trainer unicycles will do the job.

Here’s a thread discussing some of the unicycles available on Amazon:

Also please check out

I would just buy the cheapest 20" one that you can find in good condition. By the time you learn to ride on it might be pretty beat up. Then you should buy a nicer one.

Dont buy to cheap.

I’d recommend at least a comfortable saddle, makes learning so much more fun.

Don’t know anything about Torker but many are talking about them as beginner unis.



The best unicycle you can get at that price point is either a Club Freestyle from (or one of their authorized resellers) or a Torker LX from numerous sources. This thread discusses the differences between them and also between 20" and 24" wheels.

As you seem interested in getting the unicycle for performance I’d recommend the 20" wheel. It is easier to learn on and more maneuverable in small spaces.

You can get a 20" Torker LX on eBay for $115 to $120 with free shipping.

The 20" Club Freestyle is $125 at but they seem to be completely out of stock at the moment.

Check craigslist in your area. There are many second hand unicycles available from people that tried unicycling and gave it up.