Advice on commuting uni for hills ?

I would like to purchase a uni for commuting in an area with
pretty steep hills (I have to use the lowest gear on my 15-speed
bicycle on some of them). This is not for off-road use, but should
be very strong.

I’m 6’0" tall, ~180#, so I suspect that a 26" with long cranks
might be ok? Or should I stay with 24" ?

I can’t quite get up the hill in front of my house on my current 24",
and just practising produces flat spots in the tire in 3-4 weeks.

I’m willing to spend a reasonable amount of $$, but want a machine
that is strong, durable, requires little maintenance.

Any recommendations?


Re: Advice on commuting uni for hills ?

For general purpose road use you’d be hardpushed to beat a 28/29er.

You can get up steep hills with much shorter cranks than you would expect if you can effectively pull up on the saddle (i.e. push down with more than your body weight on the pedals).

Try a saddle with a Reeder/Barnes handle on you current uni.

For going down steep hills save your knees and fit a brake.

Leo White

…not sure, but you might be suprised

Hey. I have just ridden across 270 miles in Minnesota. I live in St. Paul, and trained for 7-8 weeks. In a short amount of time, I found that my Coker (even with 5 " cranks) had me keeping up with people on bikes while going up hill - and I am no super athlete. There is one very steep hill I have to go up every day for over 1 mile. Before buying the coker I never thought I could do hills with it, but…I really can maintain 7-8 mph the whole way up. Someone told me this as well, before I bought the coker, and I thought he was crazy. But he was right. By the way, that was Lars Clausen and he made it through the rockies on his coker 3 weeks ago with 4.5 " and 5" cranks.

Check out this sight

They went through France on cokers, and may talk about the hills.

What do other people think?