Advice on choosing my next unicycle

I’m looking to purchase another unicycle. Right now I have a basic Torker Unistar 24". I can ride: backwards in open areas, one-footed extended or on the frame as long as the ground is close to flat, wheel walk up to 100ft(not very good with getting feet back on pedals though), idle(kind of ugly though, and have to have a couple of feet to do it).
I want to get a 20" freestlyle specific uni. I was looking at the “Nimbus 20-inch Standard with Long Neck”
Also the “Semcycle XL 20-inch Freestyle Model with Chromed Rynolite Rim”
I’m open too any other freestyle specific choices also. And suggestions on crank arm length, my inseam is about 32".
Thanks for any replies.

I’m still riding my no-name brand el cheapo I originally learnt on so I’m not in a position to give you advice on those two machines, or any other freestyle machine really.

I am however curious to see how many responses a freestyle enquiry generates.
It has been mentioned in the past that these fora have become very trials/street/muni heavy and I’m interested to see if that’s actually true.

May the cult of the un-knobblies prosper.

I don’t think either of your links take yo to the places you wanted them to. But I’m partial to the Nimbus option, generally. Semcycles are great unis, but they’re saddles have not changed with the times. Personally, I would not get one with the long neck, because it limits the range of saddle height, which is something you want some pliability with when you’re doing some freestyle manuvers.

Also, it’s important for me that I can lower the seat enough to let pretty girls try it. As much as I like the look of a long neck frame, it would not suit my needs.

I would recommend a Nimbus II with ISIS hub. It’s a good freestyle unicycle with a lot of versatility. I have one in Red that has taken a lot of abuse, and taken it well.

the 20" nimbus X looks like a good idea. I almost purchased one last spring but then switched to trials and muni from freestyle. If you are on a budget UDC used to have a nimbus II 20" for 147 but I can’t find it now :(. Maybe give them a call.

The links are working for me. You do have to scroll down to see the uni’s that I was talking about though.

I’ll consider this one too. Without riding the longneck uni it would be hard for me to tell if I would feel a need to lower the seat more than it will let me.

This uni looks like the best frame design for putting my feet on the frame. With the longneck and a 32" inseam do you think I would want to lower the seat for certain tricks more that it will allow?

generally freestyle riding works better with a high seat. I believe the nimbus X can come with a frame with a 200 300 or 400mm tube. Call UDC with your inseam and get their opinion before you order as I dont do much freestyle to know where the best length would be without getting the seat too high or the clamp in your way :slight_smile:

If I might make a suggestion, KH Trials

I’m getting in posession of, but haven’t paid for just yet one 06 model I believe an its AWSOME!!

The only thing I see that I don’t really like on the nimbus X would be that you cannot choose crank arm length. I’ll see if I can find out what size they come with. For replacements i can find as small as 100mm in ISIS. If I got a different uni i could choose as small as 89mm. I’m not sure how short i should go but I was leaning towards shorter crank arms as it seems to be the way to go for a lot of freestyle tricks.

may i suggest reading, the KH is a TRIALS unicycle, not meant for freestyle at all. i dislike doing freestyle on my KH if i can avoid it.

Nimbus X FTW

koxx one’s version… don’t know much about it.

you can pick any cranks for any uni on UDC. They just list suggested lengths. Simply call ahead and let them know what cranks you want :slight_smile:

Mainly what you are looking for is a solid frame to hold the pressures of some freestyle tricks, and you always the frame to have very little clearance to the tire. Millimeters away if possible. The crown should be flat and have enough room for you to get a solid foot position that will be stable and not allow you to slip off easily.

You will also want a sturdy rim. Some tricks of freestyle has the ride on the rim with it angled to the ground, putting loads of stress which can taco some rims pretty easily. There are plenty BMX rims that are bombproof though, so it wont be hard to get a good rim. Just remember, that it is a 20" rim that you will want.

The hub and cranks don’t need to be splined, square-tapered will hold up, because you are not doing a lot of drops, but make sure to get shorter cranks than usual. 114s have felt great for me.

Tires should be smooth, and ran at a higher pressure.

Seat height is usually very high. To the point where at your bottom pedal, your leg is almost straight. It is a preference, but a high seat makes it a lot easier. The seat should also be slim and easy to move from SI, SIF, and to SIB.

A good set of plastic pedal will work great on a freestyle uni.

Umm, I think that pretty much covers. They can get costly, but I think its best to pick each part and build your uni up that way.