Advice on buying a Giraffe


I’m new to the group and have found it really helpful, lot’s of useful posts!

I’m looking to buy the cheapest Giraffe I can find that’s worth owning. It seems like the Savage 5’ has some quality issues, but I’ve heard nothing bad about the Torker Giraffe. Does anyone have any advice for a $130-160 giraffe purchase, any advice about Torkers? I will probably not be doing anything too crazy on it, maybe curbs and steps once I get going.

Is a 5’ really that much easier to mount than the 6’?

Thanks for any help or experiences…

I’m not sure about the models you mention, but I bent my first giraffe just learning to freemount it. The constant drops, occasionally with me landing on it were enough to bend it a bit.

Unless you are very tall it is one extra step to mount a six foot. Wheel, pedal, up rather than pedal, up. I never really mastered either but the six foot didn’t seem that much harder.


You get what you pay for!

I got a DM giraffe, which cost loads, but is REALLY good quality! I havn’t heard of one bending yet…