Advice on a Trials uni setup

It took me the entire summer last year to save for my profile-d Muni, so this year i’m going to skimp out. However, I’m still looking at what I consider the next best thing for a Trials uni.


$242–KH Norco 20" Wheelset (hub also splined, but how good is it?)
(have them)-- Black Snafu pedals (similar to the $15 wellgos at ‘the source’)
$55–Yuni frame (I’m leaning towards black)
(have it)–Yooper’s style Miyata seat (frankenyata)

I would just get profiles on it, but I already have the seat and the pedals; i’m looking to save money here.

Total cost: approx. $297

Good? bad? Thanks for comments.

Sounds pretty good to me. I’d probably trust anything splined, but I don’t know much about hubs really. Keep us posted please.


David Stone passed this out to the Unatics:

Maybe you can get a good price on it.

Actually I had hopes of getting the same setup but the Kh wheel has weird size bearings (42mm) which don’t fit the Yuni frame. The only frames they fit are the Kh and Summit frames.

why no just buy bearings from a bearing place that fit?
i d’ont think bearings are very expensive. (8$ max) and then it would fit nicely, and be a very nice uni!


I know the Kris holm wheelset works on the Yuni frame, I’ve seen it. One of the guys from RIT has it Joe I think or was it Danner (rancid Flannel)

That sounds like a good uni to me as far as things go. If you are ready to get stuff now you can get profiles through Adam at a great deal ($250) So you may still be able to do them for only slightly more…


I can do $250 shipped on Profiles. $260 if you want Dirt Jumper cranks on them. I can’t really see anything stopping you at the price. “Go big, or go home.”

Are you sure this is without any sort of changed bearings?

Where is a ‘bearings place?’ (besides

What’s all this? How are you getting them for $50 less? And what are dirt jumper cranks?? (I’ve got regular profiles on my muni, but never heard of those)

The main thing is, I want a unicycle that I can take out of the box and be riding within 15 minutes. I don’t want to worry about assembling or paying for the assembly of anything. Well there is one more main point, and it’s this: even with the discounted Profiles, I could get almost an entire unicycle for that much (not including the parts I already have, so I guess that’s kind of conditional)

Anyhow, my goal is to have a strong trials uni that will last and that I will feel confident about.

Thanks for the advice, help, etc. Exactly what I asked for.


p.s I’m not ready to get the stuff now, these are my plans for the future.

One more thing: “I can’t see the price from stopping you,” Well, I can.:smiley: Seeing that I’m a high school student with only a summer job.

And as far as “Go big or go home,” by this do you mean that having the KH wheelset wont be ‘big’ enough or what? I applied this philosophy when getting my Muni, but what now?

The cranks that come with the Profiles you’d order are the race series. The Dirt Jumpers are a bit beefier, and a bit heavier. English? They’ll take a hell of a lot more beating. Don’t let your equipment hold you back. Get the best, and ride as hard as your body will let you.

Tugboat, talking about his 9 foot stair experience, said this:

So then I guess it would be a good one? After all, the drop alone from 9 stairs up would normally be enough to break a hub/crank, but think of the forward force too!

It’s not that I don’t want the profiles, it’s that right now something that expensive probably won’t work out. Probably the biggest issue would be that I really want a trials unicycle and I really don’t want to wait. I suppose if I’m not willing to wait, then maybe I shouldn’t expect the best.


Hay!! you’ve got the same idea as me!! Remember that there is Margi’s wedding that will get us alot of money, along with all the summer work, I’ll bet I can get a trials uni, and a mountain wheelset, wherein you will be able to get a trials uni and a coker!! I’m thinking that that setup will be fine, unless you are planning on doing 14 foot drops (which I will stop you from doing) it should be fine!! you might want to get a 15 buck grind plate for you pedal as well. here’s my photoshop version of that uni, - the frankenyata.

-Jonathan Ware-

my trials.jpg

it’s true. you quoted me on my KH splinedness holding up. There has been absolutely no problems at all. every once in a while after a big drop or something then i can feel the crank moving a tiny bit, but nothing a 15 second tightening job doesnt fix. i say go for the KH. if it can hold up to the abuse ive given it so far then i think it can hold up to quite a bit more too. later, Kevin

That forward force is a good thing. It forces you to roll out the drop as soon as you land.

It’s when you land like a lawn dart (think of a lawn dart just going thunk in the ground and sticking there after a drop) that the cranks and hub take the most abuse. Rolling out a drop makes for a much softer landing and much less force on the hub and cranks.

Yah, it’s hard to roll out drops and I certainly don’t roll out most of my drops because I have no skill. But if you can do it, it will keep your hub and cranks happy.

I’m in no way talking down towards the Kris Holm cranks. I’ve seen a pair of Lascos handle a 9 foot drop before. My point? Long term wear and abuse adds up. Profiles are proven, and backed up by a warranty. That’s priceless.

I agree with adam,
Profiles are proven. I bent mine, but i’m getting a new one, so i d’ont care. and that was after several 7+ ft drops. i don’t think airing stairs puts as much abuse on the unicycle as drops, and drops/gaps, that you c’ant roll out of. I d’ont think anyone could break almost any crank/hub off their first drop, but after awhile, that one time, you’ll land it “just right” and bend it. and without the warrenty, that will really suck. if the KH system had a warrenty, i’d say go for it, but otherwise, wait a bit longer, you’ll be gald you did.


i agree with the others too. profiles are proven and have a warrenty. thats always good! but the KHs have to get tested somehow. now you can pay the extra however much it is more to get a profile setup which is good cause of the warrenty and the name, or you can get the KHs , pay a lot less, AND be one of the first to test them. i think that’s priceless.

I am getting a new KH but it is on backorder. When i get it ill tell you how it is.