Advice on a N36 - brakes?

I’m getting very close to ordering a N36 from UDC and just need a few more bits of advice.

I did look at this thread which had some useful info about brakes, but I need some up to date, specific advice. Best Long-Distance Street Unicycle

I was wondering if there are any cheaper brakes than the Magura HS33 (at £65 :astonished: ) that would suffice for the occassional hill ride (where from, how much…), as it’s already going to cost me £356+ P&P and quite frankly i’m not made of money :frowning:

I considered not getting brakes at all, but i thought I should get them now just in case, or if perhaps I need them in the future.

Finaly, cranks - what’s a good starter length that wont let me down in the speed department, and where can I get them. (as I said, the occassional hill but nothing big)

Help is much appreciated :smiley:

150s are a good learning crank length. You’ve got tons of control but you’ll never go very fast with them. Once those are comfortable, pick up some 125s or 110s, they’re much better for road (but not muni).

as for brakes, I’d suggest just getting the uni, then if you find yourself needing more control on the downhills, picking one up later. You can fit a brake to the n36 pretty easily since the mounts are there, or if you decided to use a v-brake, I think you just have to drill one hole. pretty minimal stuff.

Ok, they must be the extra bits of metal sticking off the edge of the frame on either side.

What would I need to buy in future to fit a magura brake then?
The ‘‘magura brake clamps’’ - I assume? And the brake itself.

Part of that was me talking to myself ^^, but I think ive figured it out now - Thanks

Anyone else got some advice?!

The magura brake kit on UDC US and UDC UK includes mounting hardware for the maguras themselves. You wont need to buy any additional hardware when that time comes. I also suggest the T7 handle so you have somewhere to mount the brake lever.

For the average ride with a hill or two, you won’t need brakes, but if you plan on very long rides with steep hills then they can be very helpful.

I bought my N36 with the brake mounts (it includes 4 of the silver half circle clamp bits and bolts too), and rode it for a while like that. Then I picked up a cheap HS33 from eBay for about £15 iirc. That all worked out quite well.

The stock cranks that come with it are 150mm. I found them too long to get any decent speed, and changed to 125s after a couple of weeks. I’d suggest doing the same there too, and only change the cranks if and when you feel it is right to do so.


Are these the ‘‘magura brake clamps’’ that I have an option to purchase inclusive for £6?

I wouldn’t go for V brakes on a Nimbus 36".

I tried it, and it didn’t work very well. The Maguras can be set to the angle of the braking surface of the wheel, but the V brakes can’t, and will work the pads down the rim.

It would be worth phoning Roger at for advice.


Yup, that’s the ones. It consists of the brazed on metal brackets, and the mounting clamps too.

By the way, which part of Essex are you in? I quite often ride around the Grays/Lakeside area, but also get over to Rayleigh from time to time.


Right on the coast - little clacton (3 miles from clacton), we ride in colchester (12 miles away) - and soon might go to ipswich. Those places you mentioned are all… quite far!

for the nimbus you can put just a basic BMX brake on them for like $30 at the LBS

when my nimbus 36er deluxe comes this week I will be doing just that and will post pics on how I did it

I started with 125’s and bought the brake as a “just in case” but I prefer to not use it, and I do a lot of hill climbing…